Senior UI/UX Engineer, Execution Technology

  • Warszawa
  • Balyasny Asset Management L.p.
Role Overview As a creative architect of innovative interfaces, you will be instrumental in steering critical projects, mentoring junior engineers, and upholding best practices in design and code. Here is a taste of the journey:• Innovation and Creativity: Spearhead new interfaces and make substantial contributions to existing ones through mastery of ReactJS and ReactNative.• Framework for Excellence: Assemble a robust repository of scalable, reusable components for an array of applications—desktop and mobile alike.• Craftsmanship: Transform designs and wireframes into impeccably well-documented code that sets the bar for quality.• Performance Tuning: Push the boundaries of UI component efficiency, ensuring peak performance on both desktop and mobile platforms.Qualifications & RequirementsQualified candidates exhibit a profound grasp of UI/UX engineering fundamentals, coupled with so much more:• Technical Proficiency: Command an in-depth insight into NextJS, React.js and their core principles.• Security Savvy: Familiarity with Single Sign-On (SSO) and cutting-edge authorization schemes.• Tool Mastery: An adept use of modern front-end build pipelines and apparatus including Babel, Webpack, NPM, and beyond.• Foresight: The competence to comprehend business imperatives and deftly convert them into technical specifications.• Design System Experience: Having implemented or made use of a design system is pivotal.Desired Additional SkillsA palette of supplementary skills will distinguish the exceptional candidate:• UX Enthusiast: Usage of advanced UX software like Figma, Sketch, InVision, Optimal Workshop,, etc.• Financial Finesse: A background in the digital design of financial market data tools and interfaces.• AI Affinity: Experience interfacing with AI and Language Models such as ChatGPT.• Industry Insider: Practical knowledge of hedge fund operations or financial systems touching upon research, risk management, portfolio accounting, reconciliation, or order management.Beyond Coding: Essential Attributes for SuccessYour technical prowess will be complemented by an array of soft skills, preparing you for future leadership opportunities:• Communicative Clarity: Articulate complex ideas with simplicity to diverse audiences.• Mentorship Mindset: Guide and inspire team members to reach their full potential.• Collaborative Spirit: Thrive in cross-functional teams, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and innovation.• Strategic Thinking: Infuse projects with a strategic vision and anticipate user needs.• Empathy and Understanding: A deep sense of user-centric focus and a passion for creating intuitive, accessible interfaces.Join us and fuel your career trajectory as a linchpin in the evolution of user experience within the fast-paced world of finance.Loading