Senior Mobile Application Developer, Tietoevry Care (m/f/d)

  • Kraków
  • Evry
You may apply to Tietoevry by selecting Apply and fill your application details to the form. You may also Apply by using LinkedIn and populate details to your application from your LinkedIn profile.Welcome to Health Szczecin! We live in interesting times, where technology helps people get access to medical care easily, bringing patients and medical professionals together regardless of the distances. Such a world already exists, and we are helping to make it a reality for citizens of Scandinavian countries. If you want to become a part of the taskforce driving these changes, bring us your experience and dedication, and support us in our meaningful work.We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with Flutter and .NET development skills and at least 3 years of mobile development experience. While embracing our Agile practices you will help us achieve a good design and code quality.Who we are, what do we do? We're a part of the Health Organization responsible for integrating various solutions following acknowledged medical standards. We develop smart and dynamic systems to create a bridge between devices, applications, and services. Every day we work in Scrum or Kanban Teams in close cooperation with Product Owners and Domain Specialists. We use medical standards (HL7, OpenEHR), .NET Framework, Angular, Flutter, MS SQL, Git and other technologies.You are perfect candidate if:· You present a can-do attitude,· You understand the significance of positive team dynamic and collaborative spirit,· You are open to learning new things,· You pay attention to design, code quality and good coding practices.· You live in Poland.Project technology stack· Flutter· C#, .NET framework· REST, SOAP· MS SQLPractices:· SOLID development practices· Design patterns· SCRUMNice to have· Good understanding of mobile development challenges· Basic UI / UX design skills· Basic understanding of the Mule application connectivity platform· Git· Azure DevOps