Global EPM Model Builder & Administrator (remote in Europe)

  • Warszawa
  • Miodottore
Company DescriptionWith a global mission to “make the healthcare experience more human”, Docplanner Group is the world's biggest healthcare platform, serving patients and the healthcare ecosystems across 13 countries in Europe and LATAM.We create digital apps and software solutions for doctors, clinics, hospitals and patients to enable the healthcare ecosystem and the patient journey to work together more seamlessly. With free doctor reviews and instant online appointment booking for patients through its online marketplaces, Docplanner has a network of almost 2 million healthcare professionals, serves over 260,000 customers globally and operates in 13 countries in Europe and LATAM. Doctors and clinics count on Docplanner to facilitate scheduling, booking, communication and payments for millions of patients a month. Through its innovative and user-friendly software, doctors and clinics can optimize patient flows, reduce costly no-shows and completely digitize their practices - all resulting in valuable time savings that can instead be used to improve patient outcomes and experiences. Via its TuoTempo brand, we also offer a more sophisticated suite of optimisation products for large healthcare institutions.We built medical Practice Management Software as a SaaS. We help 260,000 doctors and clinics focus on treating patients and delivering an exceptional patient experience. We also run a service that allows 80 million patients monthly to easily find the right doctor, and we currently have 19 million bookings per month coming online or through our software. Our global team of 2,700 across offices in Warsaw, Istanbul, Rome, Barcelona, Mexico City, Bogotá, Curitiba, Rio, and Munich and Berlin make this happen.